There are lots of problems we would like to solve, it’s a challenge to know where to start so we think the best way is to keep things simple and tackle one at a time.

By tackling one important problem we should be able to create a lot of interest and then from that we can then look at solutions to other issues.

#1 To design a system that enhances our political processes to include more input from the general public.

#2 Create a community to debate such a system.

#3 Bring together many fragmented communities by building online group of groups using latest voice technology

#4 Explore virtual communities

#5 Refer a friend scheme – promoting our cause by word of mouth we believe should be rewarded in some way

#6 Explore commercial ventures – there’s many things a collective can collaborate on

#7 Explore charity status

The ultimate goal is to have a hybrid organisation that’s a think tank, pressure group, business incubator, business advisory, everything that can influence the world to be a better place in all areas of society. Lets find out what people really want.