We are a group of ambitious individuals passionate about finding solutions to life’s problems especially issues that can be solved using technology and collectives. Our interests are broad, from the latest piece of tech and the effects on society to politics and how government reacts to technological change and how pressure groups can influence legislation and the corporate world, take a look at our Public Interest page.

We feel ideas for any change do not have to come from governments & corporations, that even the common man & woman can make a contribution.

The goal here is not start another discussion website where issues are endlessly talked about and nothing gets done, there are plenty of websites for that. The intention is to have brief discussions on various issues and grow the group by the principle that the size of the group is directly proportional to its success.

Beyond Brexit was chosen as the 2016 EU referendum and the US presidential election can be seen as a protest against the establishment and for the situation to evolve we need to go beyond this and have more involvement by the people and be forever thinking about the next step.